Personal Financial PlanningTake control of your financial future!

Your Personal CFO Team

We offer comprehensive financial planning services. We are different from most financial planners because we bring together comprehensive financial planning from Dublin Capital Management with tax planning from Dublin Advisors CPA, all under one roof.  We take a team approach to serving our clients holistically.  We are independent, always putting our clients’ best interests first in the advice we give and the products we recommend.  We will be your Personal CFO Team!

Retirement Planning
Portfolio Management
Family Risk Management
Education Planning
Legacy Planning
Tax Planning

Our Financial Planning Process

As a client of Dublin Capital Management, we will walk you through a step-by-step process. Our process is designed to assure that you feel knowledgeable, in control, and confident at each stage before moving to the next stage.

We start with discussions about your current situation, your concerns, and what is important to you. Our main goal in Stage 1 is to know you as a person and to understand your values system. In the end, we will document and prioritize your agreed objectives for a financial plan.

In Stage 2, we will propose a high level financial strategy, then work with you to refine the strategy. We will not recommend specific investments or financial products in Stage 2. Our goal for Stage 2 is to gain your confidence in a strategic framework that will guide all of our recommendations going forward.

Only when we are aligned on an overall strategy, will we begin to make specific recommendations for investments and financial products in Stage 3 of our process. We will also suggest a phased implementation approach in Stage 3, designed to assure that you are comfortable every step of the way.

Stage 4 is Implementation, which we will make as simple for you as possible.

Stage 5, Ongoing Monitoring and Updating, is perhaps the most important part of a financial plan. To remain relevant, a financial plan must adapt to changes in your family’s lives, your goals, planning assumptions, market results, etc. As your Personal CFO Team, we will strive to keep you confident in your financial future over the long term.

“It’s not how much you money you make but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”